1. Striking and original

The PixioCard first of all guarantees a memorable first impression. The card is made of high-quality paper and has an integrated LCD screen. Your video plays on the screen in razor-sharp image quality.

Pixio videobrochures

2. Attention guaranteed

Send a letter or card to your network contacts, and chances are that it will end up unread in the paper bin. That simply does not happen with the PixioCard. As soon as your personal video starts playing, you have the recipient's attention.

Video uitnodiging

3. In your own branding

You have endless options to completely design the PixioCard the way you want. For example, in your own branding. But a design that fits a specific campaign or promotion is possible as well.

video brochure marketing

4. Versatile and flexible

Do you want an original business card? Or are you looking for a unique way to present your product? With the PixioCard, anything possible, and the potential uses are endless.

video brochure pixiodigital

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