The PixioCard

Why choose between print and video when you can simply combine the best of both worlds? That is exactly what the PixioCard does.


A physical card with video, which starts playing as soon as the recipient opens the card.

Exceptionally high attention value

When sending an e-mail or standard brochure, the question is whether the recipient will open and view it. With the PixioCard, there is no doubt about it. The unique design piques the curiosity, which is rewarded as soon as the recipient opens the card with video.

Completely in your own style

With the PixioCard, the effects of print and video reinforce each other in every respect. You can design the card in your own branding, so that it fits with your video. But a unique design for a temporary campaign or promotion is also possible!

Versatile use

Would you like to surprise your network contacts with an original invitation? Or present a new concept in a professional video brochure? Whatever message you want to convey, with the PixioCard you can be certain that it is presented perfectly to your target audience!

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The PixioCard is the market leader and the undisputed number 1 of the video brochures.

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The PixioCard makes it possible to realize your card with video in different formats. With the size of a business card, for example, you have a fantastic giveaway for trade shows. The handy A5 format is also a favourite, as is the impressive A4-sized PixioCard.

PixioCard formaten

The advantages

Razor-sharp LCD screen

The PixioCard is of course about video, so you are assured of a card with a professional LCD screen on which your message can be clearly seen. It is available in different sizes from a minimum of 2.3 inches to a maximum of 7 inches.

Card with multiple videos

Would you like to play multiple videos in one PixioCard? No problem. Thanks to the integrated buttons on the card, it is possible to play up to 6 videos in one PixioCard.

Fast delivery!

PixioCard is the only card with video that is produced in the Netherlands. That guarantees not only high quality, but most of all quick delivery. The PixioCard has a delivery time of just 5 business days.


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