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Increase the chances of your success by sending your guests an original invitation.

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Use the PixioCard as an unforgettable invitation!

When you organize an event, you naturally want to bring this to the attention of the right people. A successful trade show or an unforgettable party falls or is just a good turnout.

Increase the chances of your success by inviting your guests in an original way with the PixioCard video invitation.

Striking and exclusive

Most invitations are of the dime-a-dozen variety. Boring, mediocre and forgettable. Not exactly the feeling that you want to give your guests, right? Let them know with an original invitation that they are special and that their presence is appreciated!

That is exactly the feeling that a PixioCard gives your guests. The beautifully designed card of high-quality paper is a great start. But the real surprise is still to come. As soon as the recipient opens the card and the video starts playing, the first unforgettable impression has been made.

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The benefits of a video invitation

A video invitation is, of course, original, but it has even more benefits. First of all, you radiate professionalism , but you also give an exciting first taste of your event. That naturally piques the curiosity of your recipients, who also often keep the PixioCard as a special keepsake.

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