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Met de PixioCard komt uw direct mailing wel op het bureau te liggen!

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The best of print and video

As you undoubtedly know, Direct Mail is still a very effective marketing tool. People are touched by a personal approach. One of the big advantages of video marketing is that you hold the recipient's attention longer. Wouldn't it be great if you could combine those?

The PixioCard combines the benefits of print and of video. That makes it a unique way to highlight the USPs of your product. Or to tell the story of your company. Even when it concerns complex products or services, this combination is a very effective means of communication.

Direct video mail PixioCard

The benefits at a glance

Choose the PixioCard for your next Direct Mail campaign and benefit from:

  • a mailing that stands out
  • a video that surprises
  • a message that gets across
  • a recipient who remembers you

In addition, a strong design ensures that the different elements on paper and in the video fit together seamlessly.

Want to know more about the PixioCard for Direct Mail? Or to request a sample or price list? Feel free to let us know, using the form at the bottom of this page!

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